Star project (nee that Fat white guy) 2018-Aug-25

Star project entry 3; 2018.

HIIT.  Tabata.

On August 24th 2018 I was 174.8 lbs.   This is a -4 lbs discrepancy with the last weigh-in.

Visibly I’m the same.  My targeted mass building was dedicated to my legs and shoulders.  I can say with certainty that my legs have become bigger.  In the thigh, certain pants have become considerably tighter.  I do not have such clear indication for my shoulders.

Commutes to work have become slightly longer.  As such, my back is prone to more discomfort with the extended periods of sitting.  I’ve decreased farmers carries to a maximum of one set per week.

Last time I mentioned Tabata training.  The training regimen calls for 8 cycles, each 20 seconds long at maximal effort followed by 10 seconds of rest.  I only now reached 5-6 cycles with regular consistency with a few months of effort.  The workout was extremely hard despite being in my best shape in years.

Hack to make Hario V60 no 02 from inexpensive filters

I bought a Hario V60 ceramic pour over.  It makes some great coffee as does the Chemex and Aeropress.  The former saw a resurgence while AMC’s Breaking Bad was first run on the air.
The Hario filters are about $9 for 100.  Not particularly expensive, but not cheap.  Costco sells ‘Connaisseur’ brand filters 600 for $8. These filters are known as “GK Connaisseur Cone coffee filters-item #2630.”  They have a trapezoidal, flat bottom shape.   This is noteworthy because for less that 1/6th the price per filter, you can buy a great substitute that makes coffee, nearly indistinguishable from the original.  
The work you have to do?  Make a cardboard cut out and fold your Connaisseur filters in to shape. They fit well but not perfectly.  You’re to cut a piece of cardboard with a 90o angle.  One side will be 13.42 cm long, the other 14.17 cm long.  Regarding these measurement*:  I used Pixelmator to perform the pixel count.   They may not be perfectly accurate.  I couldn’t get ImageJ to work because MacOS High Sierra was protecting me from the installation. 
Fig.1: Hario V60 filter (top left, white), Connaisseur 2630 (right, white)  and Cardboard cut out.
Fig.2: According to the measure tape and pixel counts the left side is 13.42 cm, the right side is 14.17 cm .

Fig.3:  You will have some excess filter that is easily folded down, over the Hario dripper (top right corner).

Star project (nee that Fat white guy) 2018-Mar-19

Star project entry 2; 2018.

Eggs, meat and farmer’s carries.

On Feb 19 2018 I weighed ~ 170 lbs.  As of March 14th I pushed up to 177.8 lbs. (I started writing this post March 14th.  Work has been busy.)  As of April 25th I pushed up to 178.8 lbs.  Waist size remains the same.  Clothing that fit in the fall fits not differently today.  My target for mass increase is my upper legs and shoulders. 

How have I gained 8 lbs?  I have been loading up my frame with a 20 kg weight vest and weighted Ikea bags (medicine balls and kettlebell) and performing farmer carries until my forearms weaken, releasing my grip.   Additionally, I’ve added Tabata training to my workouts.

Blocking Facebook with your hosts file

In light of news regarding privacy and Facebook, I looked into a way to keep my web browsing from connecting with FB servers – my effort to be less trackable.  This is a heavy handed domain blocking approach and will break your Facebook.  Read here for information about manipulating your hosts file.  If you are not a Facebook user then you gain a kernel of privacy.

Edit:  This can be achieved with a uBlock for Firefox and Chrome.  I was not able to block Facebook domains using uBlock for Safari.

This will work on any OS with a HOSTS file

1.  Go here –

This wonderful human posted many (I didn’t check if it is all) domains associated with Facebook.  Thank you poster!

2.  Save the contents of file in a text file.

3.  Change all of the to  Use Sed …

Open the file in terminal and run

sed ‘s/’ file from step 1.txt > file you create for step 3.txt

Edit: Don’t use spaces.  It is workable to use spaces it just complicates things slightly.

4. Copy the contents of ‘file you create for step 3.txt’ and paste them into /private/etc/hosts

Done.  Now attempts by Facebook for tracking you through social media plugins/comment systems on your favourite websites will be routed to the localhost, your computer.

I tried this hosts intervention with the + the domains (i.e. and  Both Safari and Firefox ignored the change.  Only when changing to would it work.
As of writing this worked for Mac OS 10.3.4.

Star project (nee that Fat white guy) 2018-Feb-01

Star project entry 1; 2018.

I need a new body shaping goal for 2018.  The fat white guy trope is dead.  Similar to my public declaration of weight loss as a goal in December 2016, Star project is 2018’s public goal of pursuing body density.  Here, density is remaining small with a large mass not like a pulsar.  Again, the idea behind public declaration is to improve the chance for success.

This is a learning experience and most of it is improvised based on an end-point.  As of December 20, 2017 my mass was 175.6 lbs.  The first goal for Star project will be to reach 180 lbs without an increase in waist circumference.  Central fat is widely accepted as the common most fat deposit on men.  Therefore, increases in mass whilst waist circumference remains constant should indicate increased mass through water and/or muscle and/or bone density.

I’ll track my waist size over 4 weeks and see if remains the same while attempting to gain weight.

Am I in ketosis?

I removed sugar and readily digestible carbohydrates from my diet over one year ago. I am reasonably good at logging information and my weight loss speaks to successfully entering and staying in a state of ketosis, the body’s fat burning mode.  After reading Moore and Westman’s Keto Clarity I learned that inexpensive ketone monitoring devices exist.  One such device is the Abbott Precision Neo.  The device measures ketones and glucose.  Interestingly the device is free (it was at a local London Drugs, it is over-the-counter) if you commit purchasing 100 test strips (glucose or ketones).  The device is $40 and reduced to $0.  The glucose and ketone strips are $75 and $26, respectively.  The ketone strips are universally expensive.

What did I learn?  I’m in ketosis despite eating 80% chocolate and consuming sugar free ice cream (loaded with polyol maltiol).  Some things were news to me. For instance, my blood sugar level would rise after exercise, a result of gluconeogenesis?  Ketones would drop with exercise.  This should have been expected if they are used for fuel.  Ketones rise to maximum levels of ~ 3 mMol when I consume large amounts of olive oil and or butter. Moore and Westman are right:  if you don’t reach ketosis you need to consume more fat.  Lastly, coffee does not influence my glucose levels. I’m relieved because it is not something I’ll soon do without.

That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar 2017-December-20

This will be the last post for the year.  Today’s weigh-in is 175.6 lbs  The BMI for this mass is 25.  This puts me on the borderline for overweight status.   The increase in mass came without an increase in waist circumference.  This is yet another reminder that BMI is a terrible indicator health/fitness.

This month I incorporated weighted vest training (Fitness Town Burnaby you guys are great!) to increase the physical challenge of body mass exercises.  I have completed two workouts with the vest.  I will report back after more workouts.

That "fat white guy." – My journey from sugar 2017-December-03

A One year review:

A year ago Meg and I went to Las Vegas.   We neglected that our passports were expired.  This is the rush passport photo that started some self-reflection.  Approximately one year ago my photo looked as such:

December 2016 ~ 220 lbs; BMI = 31

This photo will be in my 10 year passport to remind me of my appearance.  This photo was fresh in my mind when I read The Case Against Sugar.

May 2017 ~ 180 lbs; BMI = 25

December 2017 ~ 172 lbs; BMI = 24;
> 8 inches lost from waist.

Here I am less than one month after starting kettle bell training.

Here I am today.  I would argue that the difference from 180 to 172 lbs is as great as the difference from ~ 220 to 180 lbs.  My cardiovascular capacity is vastly improved.  My body composition has shifted considerably from fat.   My legs are considerably stronger and more dense.   My legs have contributed to the increase in mass.

What is most fascinating about the change in my body composition is the  idea of “starving obesity”.  This is not my idea and is discussed by each Taubes and Volek in their respective works.  The distilled idea is that fatness is caused by greedy adipocytes stealing energy for their proliferation, and, to the detriment of the host/animal.  Spiking insulin promotes anabolism of fat which siphons energy causing lethargy, promoting inactivity and increasing fatness.  This spiral of starvation and lethargy is broken by intervening at insulin.  Eating in a way that keeps insulin from spiking breaks spiral allowing fat to be used for energy.  Not only has this way of eating improved my health but that of my parents.  My mother has experienced a reduction in her medications for metabolic syndrome related issues.  The idea that adipocytes can hijack biochemistry for their nefarious proliferation may explain why high sugar, low fat eating has led to more obesity.

My sincerest thanks go to Jon for calling me “that fat white guy” and not referring to me by name.  I presume your comment was not intended to be helpful … I win.