Hack to make Hario V60 no 02 from inexpensive filters

I bought a Hario V60 ceramic pour over.  It makes some great coffee as does the Chemex and Aeropress.  The former saw a resurgence while AMC’s Breaking Bad was first run on the air.
The Hario filters are about $9 for 100.  Not particularly expensive, but not cheap.  Costco sells ‘Connaisseur’ brand filters 600 for $8. These filters are known as “GK Connaisseur Cone coffee filters-item #2630.”  They have a trapezoidal, flat bottom shape.   This is noteworthy because for less that 1/6th the price per filter, you can buy a great substitute that makes coffee, nearly indistinguishable from the original.  
The work you have to do?  Make a cardboard cut out and fold your Connaisseur filters in to shape. They fit well but not perfectly.  You’re to cut a piece of cardboard with a 90o angle.  One side will be 13.42 cm long, the other 14.17 cm long.  Regarding these measurement*:  I used Pixelmator to perform the pixel count.   They may not be perfectly accurate.  I couldn’t get ImageJ to work because MacOS High Sierra was protecting me from the installation. 
Fig.1: Hario V60 filter (top left, white), Connaisseur 2630 (right, white)  and Cardboard cut out.
Fig.2: According to the measure tape and pixel counts the left side is 13.42 cm, the right side is 14.17 cm .

Fig.3:  You will have some excess filter that is easily folded down, over the Hario dripper (top right corner).