Star project (nee that Fat white guy) 2018-Feb-01

Star project entry 1; 2018.

I need a new body shaping goal for 2018.  The fat white guy trope is dead.  Similar to my public declaration of weight loss as a goal in December 2016, Star project is 2018’s public goal of pursuing body density.  Here, density is remaining small with a large mass not like a pulsar.  Again, the idea behind public declaration is to improve the chance for success.

This is a learning experience and most of it is improvised based on an end-point.  As of December 20, 2017 my mass was 175.6 lbs.  The first goal for Star project will be to reach 180 lbs without an increase in waist circumference.  Central fat is widely accepted as the common most fat deposit on men.  Therefore, increases in mass whilst waist circumference remains constant should indicate increased mass through water and/or muscle and/or bone density.

I’ll track my waist size over 4 weeks and see if remains the same while attempting to gain weight.